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At First Facility Services, we are more than capable of handling all your corporate needs on an individualized scale. We are fully insured for all janitorial services and office cleaning. We have competitive pricing on multi-facility, regional, or even international contracts. Let First Facility Services take care of all your locations, with one low price. We can offer a universal contract for all of your facilities or individualize each one, depending on your specific locations needs.

Corporate contracts are our specialty.

Call today for your consultation and let us show you how First Facility Services can put your business first!

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First Facility Services LLC
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What We Do
Janitorial Cleaning
Day/Evening Porters
Stripping & Waxing
Special Event Cleaning
Construction Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Marbal Polishing
Grout Cleaning
Exterior Pressure Washing
Parking Lot Maintenance

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Address: 11770 Haynes Bridge Rd suite 230
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Telephone: 404-590-6890