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First Facility Services is a dependable source of labor. We take pride in matching the right temporary employees with the right job while doing it fast and easy for our customers. In order for us to be able to provide qualified people, we have to know our workers' strengths – it also means knowing the policies and working styles of every one of our clients.

When you are working with us, we assign a personal representative for you. They will ask the questions and do the studying that is necessary to know your business at a level that helps ensure that the temporary employees we send to your company are the ideal fit for the job. Whatever your line of work, First Facility Services will make sure that all temporary employees are selected according to your criteria and are prepared and ready to meet your particular objectives from the minute they arrive to your doorstep.

First Facility Services does careful reviews of all temporary employees, background checks and random drug screens are done prior and during the employment of every worker. All our employees are of good moral character and are willing to work hard in order for your business to run as smoothly as you would like it to be.
Here is a list of reasons that your company would like to use First Facility Services as a labor providing agency.

We maintain staffing flexibility
— More efficient workplace.

You can evaluate a worker, without the commitment
— Employ a temporary employee for a short time period and if desired a full time position will be issued.

Time and Cost efficiency
— Hiring a temporary employee is often cheaper than hiring permanent employee with benefits.

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What We Do
Janitorial Cleaning
Day/Evening Porters
Stripping & Waxing
Special Event Cleaning
Construction Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Marbal Polishing
Grout Cleaning
Exterior Pressure Washing
Parking Lot Maintenance

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